Net::DNS 1.25 and Net::DNS::SEC 1.17 Released

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce Net::DNS 1.25 and Net::DNS::SEC 1.17.

The recommended method of generating TSIG keys changed between 1.23 and 1.24 in favour of using tsig-keygen (for named algorithms). Unfortunately this had led to a backwards incompatibility issue. This release introduces more robust TSIG key parsing to deal with this.

TSIG keys generated with dnssec-keygen are still accepted for backwards compatibility, but are expected to have the ISC BIND’s keyfile naming convention, or be a symbolic link to a key using this naming convention. A warning will be generated for keys without the naming convention.

See also Net::DNS Changes and Net::DNS::SEC Changes

sha256 10931927d32d771817f9cd7d5502794f245a86cb403310db33656e493f67ff25

sha256 7d6af5b391d865a85f38ee6ec7bd311d8ec1c0b69442f36e76c7788807b5cc7b

Regression test results:

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