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Net::DNS release candidates for 0.67

Begin this year I received the responsibility to handle bug reports, enhancement and feature requests for Net::DNS and prepare a new release.   Now finally I have a release candidate for the upcoming 0.67 release ready.  The last release was from December 2009, almost two years ago. As may be expected in such a long time interval, the amount of bug-fixes and other changes is significant.  It is my intention (and promise) to release way more frequently from now on.

Some prominent enhancements and new features are:

  • A modular system for managing serial numbers in SOA records from Dick Franks
  • Major rework of the experimental Net::DNS::Domain and the addition of Net::DNS::DomainName that pave the road towards handling of character encodings and IDN from Dick Franks.
  • Major rework of the build system:
    • All user interaction is replaced by command line options
    • Online tests are non-fatal by default
    • Prefer the Cygwin codepath for Cygwin builds, except for updates of Cygwin installations that already use the Win32 codepath

For a complete list of changes and the numerous bugfixes see the CHANGES file.

Please let us know if anything is wrong. If all is well, the 0.67 release will follow next week.

sha1 e7a1b5bc0e5ba7f8a5bf083bf2b37dadb8694fdb


28-10-2011: Some initial fixes are in release candidate 4:

sha1 75976c7c9367a6df481057c8b19f38e4ba33151b


31-10-2011: The last two fixes…:

sha1 21e084415ee3ef79772e55583c45fcbb0b10dcb2


02-11-2011: The final last fixes…:

sha1 65123360c6d6f77fa72948ea4080fe3f4fb73a64

— Willem Toorop