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Net::DNS version 0.64, Net::DNS::SEC 0.15, and more

Net::DNS version 0.64 and Net::DNS::SEC 0.15 have just been released

Both packages saw a number of bug fixes.

New features for Net::DNS are

  • the addition of Net::DNS::RR::APL (RFC3123);

  • Modification of the Win32 code that determines the local resolving nameservers. (WARNINGIf you use Perl under WIN32 (eg ActivePerl or Strawberry Perl) then your module dependency graph has changed drastically)
  • For the Nameserver: addition of a new variable to the ReplyHandler function arguments so that socket details can be used for special replies or statistical purposes.
  • Added some heuristics to determine external connectivity and skipping a number of tests in absence.

New features for Net::DNS::SEC are:

  • Addition of a DLV RR (RFC4431).
  • Addition of the NSEC3 and NSEC3PARAM RRs.(RFC5155)

See the Net::DNS Changes , and the Net::DNS::SEC Changes files for details.

Because of version dependency and minor bug fixes Net::DNS::Zone::Parser and Net::DNS::TestNS also saw a new release.

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