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Net::DNS::SEC 1.07 released

Dear all,

I am pleased to anounce the 1.07 release of Net::DNS::SEC.

During the hackathon at IETF101, we worked on validating and signing with the Ed25519 and Ed448 curves (algorithm 15 and 16) using OpenSSL’s official EVP interface. Unfortunately, the at the time available version 1.1.1-pre2 of OpenSSL was not yet completely ready for this, resulting in a *Epic fail* of our project! However, the foundation had been laid, and since then 1.1.1-pre3 and 1.1.1-pre4 have been released which do offer working support for the Edwards curves via the EVP interface.

This release contains a definite Net::DNS::SEC implementation of validating and signing with the Ed25519 and Ed488 curves when building against OpenSSL version 1.1.1-pre3 or higher. We believe this is the first main-stream “consumer” DNS library that offers both signing and validation for both the RFC8080 Edward-curves.

Besides the curve support, this release has also a single bugfix, to let Net::DNS::SEC install in architecture/build- dependent location.

For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see the CHANGES file.

sha256 39e92aae3d354007583843aa6b24ab74e8725c09ba952a87084529b5229aee94