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Net::DNS version 0.66 released

Net::DNS version 0.66 has just been released

In addition to fixing a number of bugs the following main features where added:

  • Support for the DHCID, KX and HIP RR
  • Truncation support in Net::DNS::Packet used by Net::DNS::Nameserver
    this feature may cause unexpected behavior for your nameservers (packets on the wire may have different content than you intended). The feature be turned off by setting Truncate to 0 during the creation of the nameserver.
    my $ns = Net::DNS::Nameserver->new(
    Truncate => 0,
  • Addition of Net::DNS::Domain as a start towards a more structured handling of domain names. At this moment the Net::DNS::Domain class is only included to expose it to the various test environments that are available. The Net::DNS::Domain class and its methods are subject to name and functionality changes.

See Changes for details.

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