Archive for May 2005

Version 0.49_02 Released

Over the weekend I uploaded Net::DNS version 0.49_02 to CPAN.

This version contains a fix for a compile error on Win32 systems that showed up through the CPAN testers system.

This version also addresses the situation that when a resolver would have timed out on a first query but the answer on that first query would arrive during a retry the resolver would throw away that first packet (which is intended) and then not wait for the answer for the second query to appear. This is a significant effect in some environments. Thanks to Sidney Markovitz for the assessment of the problem and suggestions for a fix.

See the Changes file for details.

Version 0.49_01 Released

I have just uploaded Net::DNS version 0.49_01 to CPAN.

This is a release candidate for 0.50 and features IPv6 support, a number of tweaks for proper binary label support.

Net::DNS now come with its own c-library (which only contains dn_expand for now) and ends the need for relying on libresolv.a.

See the Changes file for details.

Net::DNS::TestNS 1.06

I have just uploaded Net::DNS::TestNS to CPAN.

It provides a class to setup a number of nameservers that respond to specific DNSqueries (QNAME,QTYPE) by pre-specified answers. This class is to be used in test suites where you want to have servers to show predefined behavior. The behaviour is defined through XML files.

I have been using the class in some tests suites of (yet unreleased) code. I think its useful enough for a wider audience.

The code also has its own branch on the subversion tree.

Net::DNS on Tiger

I received several comments on how to patch Net::DNS to properly support Tiger.

The most appropriate patch is below.

Note that this patch is not going to be needed with version 0.50 as that commes with its own implementation of dn_expand and will therefore not depend on the BIND libs that are shipped with your OS.

It may take a while (weeks) before I release the beta of 0.50 on CPAN (as version 0.49_01). I would appreciate folk trying to run the code currently on the subversion trunk.

Here is the patch:

--- Makefile.PL~
+++ Makefile.PL
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
if ($^O eq 'MSWin32') {
$Makefile{'PREREQ_PM'}->{'Win32::Registry'} = 0;
-if ($^O eq 'darwin' and $Config{'osvers'} =~ m/^7./) {
+if ($^O eq 'darwin' and $Config{'osvers'} =~ m/^[78]./) {
$Makefile{'DEFINE'} = '-DBIND_8_COMPAT';