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Net::DNS version 0.67 released.

I am proud to announce the long awaited Net::DNS version 0.67 release. It has been almost two years since the last release. As may be expected in such a long time interval, the amount of bug-fixes and other changes is significant. Future version will be released more frequently.

Besides the code-tidying,  spelling and bug-fixes, a few enhancements and new features have been added:

  • A modular system for managing serial numbers in SOA records from Dick Franks
  • Major rework of the experimental Net::DNS::Domain and the addition of Net::DNS::DomainName that pave the road towards handling of character encodings and IDN from Dick Franks.
  • Major rework of the build system:
    • All user interaction is replaced by command line options
    • Online tests are non-fatal by default
    • Prefer the Cygwin codepath for Cygwin builds, except for updates of Cygwin installations that already use the Win32 codepath

For a complete list of changes and the numerous bugfixes see the CHANGES file.

sha1 69e9fbe8ff5b0759829cf9d5cd898bbbf4c05016