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Net::DNS Version 0.55 released

Release 0.55 is now available from CPAN.

Version0.54 contained a problem with TCP Sockets that stayed open even if not requested. This may cause the kernel to run out of TCP slots. I released version 0.55 so shortly after 0.54 since this bug is potentionally harmful with large smamassasin installations.

In addition this release works around a problem that got triggered by the release of Net::DNS::SEC 0.13.

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Net::DNS::SEC Version 0.13 released

Release 0.13 is now available from CPAN.

This release contains a number of bug fixes and features. See the CHANGES file for detail

Important to be aware off:

  • This distribution depends on version 0.54 of Net::DNS
  • Dependency change from Digest::SHA1 to Digest::SHA
  • The Net::DNS::SEC::Private module now compares the keytag from the filename K–.private to possible legal values. If there is a mismatch private keys will not be loaded. There are rare occassions where you might be bitten by this.
  • Mnemonics RSA/MD5 and RSA/SHA1have been renamed to RSAMD5 and RSASHA1, to reflect the values in the IANA registry.
  • Since 0.12 I changed the semantics of the Net::DNS::Keyset::verify method by loosening the requirement that every key needs to be self-signed.

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Net::DNS Version 0.54 released

Release 0.54 is now available from CPAN.

This release contains a number of features and fixes that where previously published as development releases (0.53_01 and 0.53_02).

There are some known issues with connection orriented bgsend (its not there) and fallback to IPv4 in case IO::Socket::INET6 installed and there is no IPv6 connectivity. Fixing these are the next priority.

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