Archive for February 2006

Net::DNS Version 0.57 released

Version 0.57 contains a minor fix to the test scripts.

In version 0.56 a counter, which determines the number of tests to be skipped when IPv6 is not available, was not increased. That made the test fail whenever v6 is not installed.

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Net::DNS Version 0.56 and Net::DNS::SEC Version 0.14 released

Net::DNS Release 0.56 and Net::DNS::SEC Release 0.14 are now available from CPAN.

In Net::DNS::SEC a bug got fixed in the key-tag checking code which gave problems with RSAMD5.

In Net::DNS we introduced

  • Implemented SPF (typecode 99)
  • Implemented an rrsort() function using this function you can sort various RRsets on their properties see Net::DNS documentation for details
  • Removed duplicated TCP code and fixed a possible collission in use persistent sockets for AXFR and queries.
  • Fixed fallback from IPv6 to IPv4 transport in the Nameserver

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