Fast-track release candidates for Net::DNS 1.25 and Net::DNS::SEC 1.17

Dear all,

We have candidates for the upcoming fast-track 1.25 and 1.17 releases of Net::DNS and Net::DNS::SEC.

The recommended method of generating TSIG keys changed between 1.23 and 1.24 in favour of using tsig-keygen (for named algorithms). Unfortunately this led to a backwards incompatibility issue. This release introduces more robust TSIG key parsing to deal with this.

TSIG keys generated with dnssec-keygen are still accepted for backwards compatibility, but are expected to have the ISC BIND’s keyfile naming convention, or be a symbolic link to a key using this naming convention. A warning will be generated for keys without the naming convention.

Because of the minimal changes and the resolution of a backwards compatibility issue, these release candidates will be released more quickly than usual.

Please review these candidates carefully, if no issues arise actual release will follow Friday 26th of June 2020.

sha256 d6af123a5ad6e39d51a31d09e7d964cdd5af2a557697fe1043798810869d2125

sha256 6106565460358095ec76163aa0354f7d1f4e498aae3b831590f949369170514f

Regression test results:

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