Net::DNS 1.38 Released

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce Net::DNS 1.38.

This release has

  • a fix for incorrectly extracting the extended rcode from EDNS (a bug since 1.36)
  • masking out the highest bit of a CLASS value with Net::DNS::Parameters::classbyval in support of MDNS
  • improved robustness of address parsing in
  • improved testing using the new t/ module
  • refactored socket code and control structure in
  • and many more code-improvements and bug and documentation fixes.

This release deprecates

  • the packet->edns->size() method (replaced by packet->edns->UDPsize()).
  • the rdatastr() method for Resource Record modules replaced with rdstring())

See also the Changes.

sha256 d8a34341649882d6e2bdf95d046e74c83a150b5e5d818941c1e341f48fba88e0

Regression test results:

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