Release candidate for Net::DNS 1.20 and Net::DNS::SEC 1.12

Dear all,

We have a candidate for the upcoming 1.20 release of Net::DNS and the upcoming 1.12 release of Net::DNS::SEC.

The Net::DNS candidate has a single bugfix that addresses correctly caching IP’s for delegations in the module.

Besides this bugfixes, this release has

  • updated examples that use AAAA instead of A records.
  • TSIG MAC representation changed to Base64 (like with dig)
  • Updated IANA parameters
  • Overall improvements in codebase and test scripts

The Net::DNS::SEC candidate contains simplified (and thus more robust) support for the different version of Open & LibreSSL, including a fix for the future OpenSSL 3.0.0.
Current thought is to support latest two LibreSSL releases.

Please review these candidates carefully. If no issues arise, the actual releases will follow Tuesday the 19th of March 2019.

sha256 20605a05d1ec20705d5658966faa5a4cf4b3b4e626d7403b2ec2335ef05ab6c7

sha256 e443e07d5852dfa683dce35c1391b2f13326220b1c480ff037cadea9b5723775

Regression test results:

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