Fast-track release candidate for Net::DNS 1.17

Dear all,

We have a fast-track release candidate for the upcoming 1.17 bugfix release of Net::DNS.

This release contains three bugfixes, from which two were introduced in release 1.16.

  • A fix for broken name compression in rdata fields.
  • A fix for undefined typemap for NSEC3s on empty non-terminals.
  • A fix for AXFR for nameservers that start with a single SOA in a single packet (like PowerDNS).

See also the Changes file.

Please review this candidate carefully. If no issues arise, the actual release will follow Wednesday the 25th of July 2018.

sha256 035c3feb834683394505ed943eaf0fec89878960ad8acbd287fa9814aff47692

Regression test results:

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