Net::DNS 1.08 Released

Dear all,

We are pleased to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its first appearance in CPAN with the release of Net::DNS version 1.08. This is the 85th release of Net::DNS since version 0.02 was published in February 1997.

The present offering represents two decades of collective effort, not just by developers past and present, but also the many people who contributed the suggestions, code, patches, bug reports and a few arguments from which we have tried to distil something useful. Thanks are due to all of these contributors.

This release adds new Net::DNS::Nameserver functionality that allows the user to register a handler for UPDATE requests, and also to insert EDNS options in reply packets.

Makefile.PL will more actively try to detect ineffective install locations due to existing Net::DNS installs earlier in the search path, and will report more clearly about this specific situation.

Besides this, we’ve decided to finally drop support for Perl versions before 5.6. Supporting only 5.6 and later allowed for a major (early) spring-clean of all the pre-5.6 workarounds and outdated language features and makes the code base easier to read, understand and maintain.

For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see the Changes file.

sha256 56113a5604d1d47a2e0b35e01f5ac0a2af9e5275b815549d032a46195637c7a1

Regression testing results:

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