Fast-track release candidate for the emergency recovery and bugfix release 1.04 of Net::DNS

We have a candidate for the upcoming 1.04 emergency recovery and bugfix release of Net::DNS.

The 1.03 release of Net::DNS had bugfixes (TCP and persistent sockets for bg(send|read|isreead)) that were unfortunately tackled in such a way that dependent modules broke. This is something we do not want to happen.

We have been doing release candidates to help to prevent these situations from happening. We realize however that just one week is a short period to do a proper review and also that some issues might not be immediately obvious.

To improve we will from now on always do regressions testing of modules dependent on Net::DNS ourselves before doing the release candidates. The results of these regressions tests are put online here: Packages that still have regression with the release candidate there do have it for known, non hazardous, or reasons that are being addressed (see footnote 1).

For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see the CHANGES file.

Because of the severity of the fixed bugs and also in an attempt to prevent further fixes based on version 1.03, this is a fast-track release candidate. We still ask you review this candidate carefully and thoroughly and report back if there are issues! If no issues arise, the actual release will follow Tuesday the 8th of December 2015.

sha1 b7716be4a497909688826e272a5360e45a3af571

Footnote (1)
Explanation of regressions that still occur for 1.03_03 as seen on
– Mail-SpamAssassin is because of a warning given for the developer release version number and is harmless
– IO-Lambda 1.25 simply has to rollback it’s change that it did for the 1.03 release (IO-Lambda 1.24 works again)
– POE-Component-Server-DNS has a bug which has been reported with a suggested fix (which has been tested with POE-Component-Server-DNS-0.30-fixed).

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