Net::DNS 1.01 Released

I am very pleased to announce that we have just released version 1.01 of Net::DNS.

This is the first major release of Net::DNS since Michael Fuhr started this project in 1997. Since then many people have contributed to the Net::DNS project and shaped it into the distribution it is now. A very incomplete list of authors (from the Copyright sections of the modules) is: Rob Brown, Andreas Gustafsson, Olaf Kolkman, Sidney Markowitz, Robert Martin-Legene, Chris Reinhardt, Mike Schiraldi, and Andrew Tridgell. Thank you all, and also all the unmentioned people for contributing to, developing on and maintaining Net::DNS!

I took over maintenance of the distribution at NLnet Labs from Olaf Kolkman in 2012. Since then Dick Franks, who was always a prominent contributor has become the primary developer of the distribution.

In late 2012 a major architectural rework commenced, initially to support IDN, but later also to cleanup and to turn Net::DNS in an even more robust and readable code base with a clear and unambiguous interface. We have made this a major release because we consider this architectural rework and cleanup now stable and finished.

This release has the RRs integrated that were previously only available with Net::DNS::SEC, however without the signature generation and verification functions. To enable those functions Net::DNS::SEC still needs to be installed.

As part of the process, the whole of Net::DNS has been brought under the MIT license already used by Net::DNS::SEC. We requested and have received agreement and permission from all the principal authors to apply this license to their respective modules.

Besides the incorporation of the Net::DNS::SEC RRs, this release contains bug fixes and updates with current DNS parameters as usual. For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see the CHANGES file.

sha1 a4b9c177117397604cf0ee6f10ac80034aff37bc

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