Net::DNS::SEC release candidate for 0.18 – REVIEW THOROUGHLY

Dear maintainers and users of Net::DNS and Net::DNS::SEC,

We have a candidate for the upcoming 0.18 release of Net::DNS::SEC. Besides bug fixes all Net::DNS::SEC RR types now fully exploit the new Net::DNS architecture that has been introduced since version 0.69 of Net::DNS.

Because of this significant internal change, we urge you to REVIEW THIS VERSION THOROUGHLY.  Software using the documented API and not accessing objects internal data structures should not be affected by this change.

Please inform us of any problems your software has with this version so we can address it before release.   If possible, please provide a small example illustrating different behavior on 0.17_5.

For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see the CHANGES file.

If no issues arise, the actual release will follow the 8th of May 2014.

sha1 6960d3fd2d9390a7a1b3bec5a83cc67f9288c038

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