Net::DNS Version 0.62 released

Net::DNS version 0.62 has just been released

Highlights of the features and fixes:

  • Move of some functionality out of the Packet to the Question and RR classes; parsing of elements in the packet is now performed by calling the appropriate subclasses.
    New methods were introduced:
    • Net::DNS::Packet->parse()
    • Net::DNS::RR->parse()
    • Net::DNS::Question->parse()

    The Packet class now defers parsing of authority/additional until their content is really needed. This should cause a bit of performance improvement.

  • The Net::DNS::Packet's answersize() method will from now  ignore its arguments and just return the size of the packet.
  • The Net::DNS::RR->new() method used to call Net::DNS::RR->new_from_data() whenever called with the appropriate combination of arguments. That (undocumented) behavior has been deprecated. Use Net::DNS::RR->new_from_data() directly if you depended on that.
  • Net::DNS::Packets unique_push now ignores the TTL in comparison of uniqueness, this is closer to the intend of RFC2181, but not yet fully compliant.

 Dick Franks has contributed a lot of the fixes and features. 

See Changes for details.

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