Version 0.49_03 Released

Version 0.49_03 has been released and is available from CPAN.

During development of some other code I ran into a hard to reproduce and system depended bug that was caused by Perl’s behavior to treat characters as unicode as soon as it thinks that is relevant. I introduced the "use bytes;" pragma throughout the code to cope with this.

Another minor modification is the ignqrid flag in Net::DNS::Resolver. In the default situation the Resolver will drop packets with the QR bit cleared (this is a good thing, see draft-arends-dnsext-qr-clarification) and if the ID on the response does not match that on the query, that helps protecting against spoofs. When ignqrid is set the packets with QR cleared or an ID mismatch are accepted. Use with care.

Unless critical bugs are found I will not touch this code and track the cpan testers page to see if the beast PASSes the test on a couple of platforms.

Talking about cpan testers, it is of great use as a troubleshooting tool for these pre-releases. Read Becoming a CPAN Tester with CPANPLUS and configure your system to send those reports.

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