Net::DNS::SEC 0.21 released

We have a new Net::DNS::SEC release: 0.21.

This is again a single bugfix release, #99250, that restores canonicalization of a RRSIG’s Signer Name before performing validation.

Besides this fix, this release also corrects a few declaration with statement modifier occasions, as pointed out in #99527.

Package maintainers beware! Net::DNS::SEC::Private has always had an implicit dependency on Crypt::OpenSSL::Random. This dependency has been made explicit in this release; both in the use statements in as in the PREREQ_PM list in Makefile.PL. will no longer load if Crypt::OpenSSL::Random is not available.

Because of the smallness, but importance, of the change we consider it safe and acceptable to shorten the release cycle and do a full release immediately.

For a complete list of changes and bugfixes see the CHANGES file.

sha1 e106cd0c887963ef03834170feae9d07f9ab2dad

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