Archive for March 2005

Version 0.49 Released

Net::DNS version 0.49 is available from CPAN.

There have not been changes between version 0.48_03 and this release.

For the changes since 0.48 see the Changes file.

If there is not a flood of bugs I will start moving the IPv6 code and the support for binary content on to the trunk and prepare for version 0.50 during the next few months.

DNSSEC RFCs released

RFCs 4033, 4034 and 4035 have just been released. These RFCs specify the DNSSEC protocol.

An extention to Net::DNS that implements the records specified used in DNSSEC is available through CPAN. The module is called Net::DNS::SEC.

The Subversion repository is available through

Version 0.48_3 released

I have just uploaded 0.48_3.

The most significant change is in where a bug has been caused by reading a wrong registry key. It is known that this code still has problems. For details see ticket 11931 in The bottom line is that if we need to reliably find the list of nameservers we will need to do a call to a windows library. Since I failed to get Win32:API working with cygwin I figured that the important prerequisite to get a portable fix was missing and I stalled the ticket. I am open to suggestions and contributions.

Without feedback and new urgent bug-fixes the plan is track CPAN test to make sure nothing is broken release version 0.49.

Version 0.48_2 released

I have just uploaded version 0.48_2 to CPAN.

Version 0.48_1 contained a bug causing wrong domain name pointers. The bug was spotted by Bernard Schmidt who found it in the IPv6 branch. The bug was painful enough to bump to 0.48_2.

If no new bugs are found I plan to release version 0.49 once I’ve seen sufficient positive CPAN Tests.

Binary label content


NOTE: There is a bug in plog that prevents me writing literal backslashes, even html esecaped backslashes get lost. So every where where you read 32 you were supposed to read backslash-zero-three-two.

When I tried to use Net::DNS to prototype a server to support "draft-sisson-dnsext-dns-name-p-s-01.txt"I found out the hard way that Net::DNS does not support binary content of domain names that well. While trying to fix this I noticed that the dn_expand function from libresolv returns different expansions on different platforms.

Last week I decided to build Net::DNS with its own library and created the first version of that library. The library currently only contains dn_expand but I may add other hooks functions to it. The code is not ready for the main branch yet but mostly because I want to make sure that the RDATA format of TXT and other data can do the proper presentation format to wire format transalations too.

For those dependend on binary content try using the subversion directory.

There is one design choice: Shall I print out a space in a domain name as " " or as "32". One of my friends suggested to print it as "32" as the space is to often used as a field seperator in scripts. I am sympathetic to that.

Version 0.48_1 released


Version 0.48_1, a prerelease for 0.49, has been pushed to CPAN and should be available shortly.

This version contains a number of bug fixes. If the Perl Testers do not find any major flaws this package will be published as version 0.49