Net::DNS 1.18 released

Dear all,

We have new release version 1.18 of Net::DNS.

This release includes

  • Updated root hints, with the new IP address for
  • A bugfix for failing Net::DNS::ZoneFile->parse() when an include directory was specified.
  • A bugfix for broken resolution when /etc/resolv.conf had an ndots option.
  • A change in terminology: A DNS reply is not called “answer” anymore to avoid disambiguate. This change applies to a few function names too:
    • Net::DNS::Packet::from() replaces answerfrom()
    • Net::DNS::Packet::size() replaces answersize()
    • Net::DNS::Resolver::replyfrom() replaces answerfrom().

    The old function names will remain for backwards compatibility.

  • Overall improved documentation

See also the Changes file.

sha256 52ce1494fc9707fd5a60ed71db5cde727157b7f2363787d730d4d1bd9800a9d3

Regression test results:

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