Net::DNS 1.12 Released

Dear all,

We have a new bugfix release version 1.12 of Net::DNS.

This release contains bugfixes for:

  • An issue with false timeouts reported with persistent UDP, and
  • an issue with stalling TCP retries with IO::Socket::IP versions before. 0.38

This release also incorporates the printing and parsing of CDS and CDNSKEY as specified by erratum 5049 for RFC8078.

This release will emit a preliminary warning at build time about our intention to drop support for IO::Socket::INET6 in favour of the IO::Socket::IP module. When or how or even whether this will happen is still to be determined. Feedback and suggestions on this are welcomed.

See also the Changes file.

sha256 25ff01fe79de3fb759d190fadb0971c326f4afc2e6a4541d10d624f65b34c1ff

Regression test results:

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