Net::DNS 1.11 Released

Dear all,

We have a new release version 1.11 of Net::DNS.

This release contains mostly maintenance work, which involved among other things:

  • A Net::DNS::Resolver class for OS/390 MVS
  • Work on configuration of Net::DNS::Resolver objects:
    • prefer_v4/prefer_v6 is no longer a binary choice. Expressing no preference leaves nameservers in the order stated
    • Parsing and adhering to ndots option
  • A workaround for strict hashpairs with cperl >= 5.27
  • Zeroed waiting period with bgbusy(), and
  • The ability to send UDP queries with EDNS bufsize set to 512

See also the Changes file.

sha256 f8404144bea99d731ab029598e4312dc2ef18226420052124a93915b664b40b7

Regression test results:

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