Net::DNS 1.09 Released

Dear all,

We have a new feature release version 1.09 of Net::DNS.

This release introduces structured EDNS0 options. Options can now be constructed or inspected structurally via the Net::DNS::RR::OPT::option() method accessed via the edns attribute of a Net::DNS::Packet. Also, structured representations of the Options will be given when printed. Please see the documentation for information on how to use this new feature.

Besides this feature, this release has a bugfix for our previous wrong assumption that . is in @INC, and a workaround for and issue with Devel::Cover in combination with the Perl 5.24.1 compiler.

See also the Changes file.

sha256 fec9b0c74b8fea5e41914339281ffd773ddd0ae3b5cfd532d2ac0c09618b7c0a

Regression test results:

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