Net::DNS 1.02 release delayed

Dear all,

We publish candidates for releases and ask you to try them out to receive feedback on possible issues that we might have missed and have an opportunity to correct them before the actual release.

Besides your feedback, release candidates are also published as developer releases (through PAUSE) so they get tested on a wide range of different platforms by the CPAN testers.

Unfortunately their test-report collecting and processing site has been down now (since August 30). This time we did not receive feedback from the developer release. We have seen one fail (besides passes) in the CPAN testers log tail though.

Furthermore, developer releases are also processed by which provides coverage details of the unit tests. The reports for our recent developer releases show too few covered files, suggesting that the unit tests somehow stopped halfway. It might just as well have another cause, but we don’t know.

These things combined have made us decide to delay the release for one more week. By then we hope to have our usual CPAN testers feedback, or have more insight in what the issue may be.

So, if all is well, the actual release of Net::DNS 1.02 will follow Tuesday the 14th of September 2015. Find our latest develop release/release candidate below.

sha1 efccbecd29957625d6f5b32f524447742c4fad27

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