Net::DNS Version 0.60 released

Version 0.60 is a maintenance release.

The release contains a number of bug fixes and a few new features.  Highlights:

  • IPSECKEY RR support
  • Improvements to check_soa code, mainly in the way it deals with negative caching
  • The dependency of Net::IP in the actual code was dropped. It is still needed for the tests. (Erratum (16 July 2007): Dependency dropped for Net::DNS::Resolver only, the dependency still exists for Net::DNS::Nameserver and a few tests)
  • Cleanup of
    • This involved a minor change to the API for reverse IP lookup.  Changing qtype to PTR is now performed for A and AAAA only.  This allows queries for NS and SOA records at interior nodes to be specified using the address prefix.  Type ANY queries now also produce the expected result.
    • Support for RFC4291 IPv6 address and IPv4 prefix notation
  • At some points where the code used to 'die' it now spits out a warning.
    • Labels longer than 63 octets do not cause your code to die, but are truncated.
    • Instead of dying the SSHFP returns undef when the fingerprint algorithm is unknown.

Dick Franks has contributed a lot of the fixes and features.

Please consult the Changes for details.

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